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We are looking forward to seeing you all from 12th April 2021, until then keep yourself & your loved ones safe & well. KKams Beauty Professionals have taken certification and licence of Infection Control Principles. They outstandingly prepared themselves to mitigate any risks and make it as safe as it can be to carry out any beauty treatments.

*Treatment will be provided on appointment basis only.
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Email: info@kkamsbeauty.co.uk
Ph: 07540767358
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We must ensure that we have the health and safety of anyone who works at or visits our salon to help prevent the spread of Covid -19. We have carried out a full risk assessment of every part of our business to identify extra measures to be taken for the safety of everyone and have created new processes to follow ensuring that we adhere to the Government guidelines.  We will follow these strict measures in every part of our daily working life which will be continuously under review and alter as necessary in response to government advice

KKams Beauty will be following necessary measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19 while carrying out the treatment.

Measures to be followed by Clients

  1. There will be limited treatments available and we will no longer be providing any facial treatments until further notice.
  2. Treatment will be provided on appointment basis only. Call us on 07540767358 to book your appointments. Please note that appointments are available at 1 hour slot only to allow enough time for sanitising the treatment room after each treatment.
  3. Few general safety questions will be asked regarding your health while you are calling us to book your appointments
  4. Waiting is not permitted inside the salon, so please make sure you are no more than 5 minutes early than your given appointment time.
  5. On arrival at the salon you will be asked to fill the Contact Information according to Government Guidelines - At the very least name and contact number which will be maintained in case, if contact tracing needs to be done.
  6. Clients should attend appointments unaccompanied and limit the items brought to the appointment where possible.
  7. Clients will not be able to use the normal facilities for the time being, which includes beverages and magazines.
  8. Client will be asked to come for treatment with a mask as a protective measure to reduce the risk of spreading infection to the beauty service provider and the environment. KKams beauty can provide the mask at chargeable price (£1.00) at the salon.
  9. All the clients will be required to sanitise their hands as soon as they enter the premises with hand gel provided at the entrance.
  10. Please do not come in if you are unwell or you or any family members are displaying signs of COVID 19.
  11. No under 18’s will be allowed into the salon as they need to be accompanied by an adult in order to have treatments.
  12. Payments and rebooking of appointments will be carried out in treatment rooms. Card is preferred and we will take cash only, if absolutely necessary.
  13. If you start to display symptoms AFTER your appointment please notify us as soon as possible so we can notify anyone who was in the salon the day you were.
social distance

visitor alert

Measures to be followed by Beauty Professional

  1. Beauty Professional will be wearing the mask to protect the client throughout beauty treatments & services.
  2. Masks should be replaced (if disposable) or a freshly laundered one put on after anytime the mask has been taken off.
  3. Mask must cover from the bridge of the nose to below chin and should not be hanging loose at the sides.
  4. Single use nitrile, latex or vinyl gloves must be worn by the beauty service provider and will be replaced prior to each service. Clients must inform the beautician about latex allergy before the treatment.
  5. Gloves will be thrown away after a single use and will never be used twice or worn for long periods of time.
  6. Beauty Professional will wash the hands or will sanitise them after removal of gloves.
  7. Disposable Aprons will be worn by the therapists for every treatment and will be thrown away after each treatment.
  8. Paper towels will be used for drying hands and linen towels will no longer be used.
  9. A plastic box will be provided for client clothes and valuables.
  10. Clean uniform will be worn every day by the beautician and not be permitted to be worn outside the salon
  11. Beautician will need to have their hair tied back and be jewellery free with short nails
ppe kit

Cleaning Measures

  1. All the used disposable items will be discarded in the closed lid dustbin provided in the salon.
  2. All non-porous instruments will be cleaned & disinfected after a single use.
  3. All non-porous high touch surfaces will be cleaned & disinfected frequently such as stations, door handles, reception counters, payment equipment etc.
  4. Personal items including the phone will be handled as little as absolutely necessary and never during a service.
  5. For every treatment enough time will be spent to properly clean/disinfect the area between clients

Changes in salon operation rules & regulations

  1. Beautician will open the door for all clients and appointments.
  2. Payments and rebooking of appointments will be carried out in treatment rooms. Card is preferred and we will take cash only if absolutely necessary.
  3. We are limiting the use of towels and replacing it with couch roll and a plastic cover for our wax treatments.
  4. Retail products will only be touched by the staff.
  5. We have kept our reward system & offers on hold until further notice.
  6. We will provide gift voucher electronically via Email on request. We cannot except vouchers in July and all vouchers have been given a 4 month extension until 30/11/2020
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